Your Questions About Dog Training Courses With Cesar Millan

David asks…

Has anyone tried the puppy training course at Petco?

I’m thinking of enrolling my 13 week old puppy for the course. Is if effective?

admin answers:

We took one of our puppies to training at Petco. It went fine…because we had an OUTSTANDING trainer! I know others who didn’t have as much luck and the trainer wasn’t as thorough.

Most dog training classes are really training YOU, the handler, how to work with a dog. You still have to do the work with your dog and be consistent. Remember, they are a different critter than humans. They have different methods of communicating and behaving in a group. They don’t speak English (in fact, they speak little except when excited) but use body language to communicate. (Keep that in mind when training…learn those hand signals!)

In addition to the puppy course, I’d recommend you read about canine behavior (or ‘pack behavior’) because this will help you apply what you learn in your classes. I’d suggest Cesar Millan, Jan Fennell, or John Rogerson to learn more about the instinctual behavior of dogs. Learning to be a good pack leader will make your job of training a dog E V E R so much easier and you’ll have a happier dog!

Before you enroll at Petco, ask if they have a refund policy if you don’t like the trainer or the methods. You might also ask your vet if he recommends them. They often hear the ‘other’ side of the story.

Good luck!!!

Helen asks…

How do I house train an adult, adopted dog?

About 3 or 4 weeks ago we adopted a 3 year old Bluetick Coonhound and he is absolutely amazing. We have been following Cesar Millan‘s techniques and are doing great. Recently he has starting pooping and peeing inside the house, first in the basement and now in the living room. He stays with us where ever we are and conventional methods are not working. We take him out at the appropriate times but when we wak up in the morning we find he has pooped and peed on the floor. How can we fix this problem?

admin answers:

I don’t know if this would work… But when we got my boy… A little chihuahua … He was only 6 weeks old… But i feel it’s a great technique.

Anyways.. He is of course an inside doggy. He’s ten now. I can’t believe it. Anywaysss… We got two plastic oil trays and placed layers and layers of news paper on it. (oil trays to prevent leakage going right through)… And i gotta admit he was/is perfect. He done his best. Basically when u see him about to take a leak or a poo… Place him on the paper… Praise him like there is no tomorrow. Lift up the top layers of the paper… But leave some. (i don’t mean like ‘wet’ paper)… But don’t lift them all up. They will smell their scent and wee and poo there. Do this repeatedly. Honestly in time… He wanted to be a big boy and go outside. Now he goes to the door and waits.

Be patient… Don’t hit or rub their face in it. It doesn’t work. Just praise when he does it right.

Good luck.

Susan asks…

How to train my one year old collie?

My collie is one year old and has recently started being very aggressive. He has started growling and going to bite strangers, other dogs and anything with wheels. He is a rescue dog and was beaten before we had him but he has not done this before. We have a 12 year old collie/jack Russel which he has started to argue with.

admin answers:

If you are talking about a full grown Rough Collie, I find aggression in this breed extremely unusual.
It’s hard to determine the right course of action without actually seeing what the behavior looks like as many owners misinterpret what is going on and thus use the wrong correction. Here is a good article that might help you figure it all out;

Good luck, but stay away from anything you read about Cesar Millan. His methods are extremely dangerous for the pet owner and can actually make the situation worse.
If you can find a Behaviorist (find one through your vet) then that would be the safest way to go.

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